Friday, 1 June 2012

          To the Reference Marketing Business

 Human Support International is a reference marketing company.

What is Reference Marketing? 
There are two Different types of businesses in all over the world.
1.  Traditional Business
2.  Reference Marketing

What is the difference between Traditional Business & Reference Marketing?

                     Some Major Difference
 Traditional Business          Reference Marketing
 * It's required investment &     * It's neither required investment
     experience.                                 and nor experience.
*  That's why mostly people       * We can start our business with
     can not start it because               small purchasing as a customer,
     have not money &                      and companies give us this
     experience.                                 business opportunity free of
* Traditional business has               cost.
    required huge time for            * Reference Marketing Business
    Success.                                      give us  time freedom &
                                                       financial freedom.


            * Human Support International *
           Human Support International (HSI) established in Pakistan on March, 2012 & on May, 2012 they start their work properly in all over the world. HSI is a legal registered company from Security Exchange & Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). SSL secured from world's best security company Veri-Sign. Solid Trust Pay (STP) verified merchant as a payment processor.

                              Products of HSI
1. Mobile Phones   2. Laptops    3. Pc-Tablets   4. I-Pads
5. Portable DvD Players    6.  E-Books  7. Digital Products
8. luxury Traveling Packages (National & International)
9. Umrah Package (For Muslims)
10 . Different Products

                      Products Range
                         (13 $ to 4000 $)
So every person can join us easily by purchasing  a thing of minimum price of 13 $ only.


                      Marketing Plan
    HSI has 4 x 4 Forced Matrix Plan. There are two stages in this plan. You can earn approx 200000 US dollar direct commission without any referral from two stages.
Company pay commission in 3 categories.....
1. Direct commission (50% of your upgrading).

2. Referral Bonus(100% of your referral's direct commission earning).
3. Support Bonus (Monthly Base award).

For complete detail about the Company or Business Plan so watch more HSI's pages  ......

At the end of this presentation, I guarantee you that you will feel proud to become a part of HSI.

                      BEST OF LUCK